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About PVDonuts

What Makes Us Special

Our donuts are hand-rolled every morning.

What We Do

We make huge donuts that are made, rolled, cut, and dipped by hand.. all of them. We use a 24 hour raised brioche based dough for our brioche-style donuts, which is a bit different than the traditional yeasted donuts that people are used to. We also make an old fashioned type of donut and offer varieties of monkey bread. Twice a week (Wednesday and Sunday) we offer vegan donuts as well!

We do a monthly rotating menu with a handful of menu staples. This allows us to have a blast creating new donuts every month as the entire team gets involved, not just the kitchen staff. We even take recommendations from customers, and on occasion, our customer’s ideas have made it onto our menu! Changing things up monthly keeps it exciting for us, and our customers because it gives them something new to come back and try. It also gives us the opportunity to work with different local businesses all the time and do surprise collaborations.

Here are some of our staples:

Dave’s Coffee Milk: This donut comes in a brioche-style. Another way we work with local vendors is to incorporate their products into our menu! Dave’s Coffee is a Rhode Island-based coffee roaster, and they make this delicious coffee syrup that we use for the frosting on donut (along with crushed espresso beans, not by Dave’s though). For people that aren’t from Rhode Island, coffee syrup is like chocolate or strawberry syrup that you put in milk to make “coffee milk” - just imagine coffee ice cream melted down. This is basically a menu staple.

Cereal Milk: This is another menu staple, and we’ve been sticking with fruity pebbles pretty consistently. We essentially let fruity pebbles soak overnight in milk, and then we use that milk to create the frosting and then top it with new, crunchy fruity pebbles. This comes in our brioche style.

Toasted Coconut: This is an old fashioned donut, and it was a big hit for us when we were only doing wholesale, so we bring it back once in a while. It’s pretty straightforward! We layer toasted coconut on top of a classic vanilla glaze. Simple, but delightful.

Our Culture

We’re a crazy bunch that just loves to have fun, create delicious donuts for the city that we love, and make people happy with our creations.

Our Spaces

The Exterior

The exterior of our building was brought back to life by a local painter (Horacio Pires) - prior to us, the paint hadn’t been touched in 10+ years. The team at Cattleback Trading Co. in Warren, RI, made our exterior hanging sign by hand.

The Counter

The cafe counter is the heart and soul of our storefront! Our interior was designed and custom-built by HB Design/Build here in Providence, RI. We wanted to create a bright, welcoming space where people could enjoy their donuts and coffee. We love the idea of being able to see right into the kitchen - or alternatively, how the kitchen pours out into the cafe counter area - because there shouldn’t be a disconnect between where the product is produced, and the storefront in general.

The Table

Our large community table is actually the working table that HB Design/Build built many of our custom components on, including our counter and lampshades, so we love the idea of it being worked into our space. This table encourages interaction between our guests, and it’s great to hear stories of strangers just hanging out and enjoying each other’s company! When we thought about designing the space, seating design was a very important factor, simply because we should see design as a mechanism that brings people and communities together.

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