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Our Story

If you can see it, you can be it.

Somewhere between internships and sterile job descriptions, there is a need for in-depth career stories that transport you into the mysterious world of work.

Wingspans takes an immersive approach to career discovery just short of experiencing the job yourself. It's an archive of authentic and heartfelt career stories—nothing sterilized or sugar-coated. 

Our platform has 700+ in-depth career stories, including 40+ mini-documentaries, that are integrated into the over 10,000 pages on our site. 

Expand your idea of what is possible. Know what a job is really like. Dream big without any fear of failure.

Inventing Heron Group

On-set, interviewing Adam Blumenthal, interactive media producer with a speciality in virtual reality, about his career.


"The most compelling thing you can do is tell a story and Wingspans provides our students the opportunity to explore career options through people's real-life stories, people who come from similar training or educational paths."

Salvador Pina
Dean of Workforce and Business Development at Roxbury Community College

"If you can see it, you can be it, and Wingspans helps students to see what career pathways are possible. In Rhode Island, we’re working across K-12 education, higher education, job training programs, and with our partners in industry, to connect what students are learning in the classroom to the skills and experiences they need to be successful in the workplace. Wingspans is an online resource that can help bring that work alive, empowering students to explore different careers and reimagine their future."

Ken Wagner
Former Commissioner of Education in Rhode Island


  • Bunker Hill Community College
  • Navajo Technical University
  • Northland Pioneer College
  • Cape Fear Community College
  • Community College of Allegheny County
  • The National Peace Corps Association
  • Providence Public Library
  • College Visions
  • The Highlander Institute
  • The MET High School
  • Mount Pleasant High School
  • Charette High School
  • Eagle Rock School
  • Millis High School

Our Team

Meet the dynamic people united by the mission to help people find future success.

What Would You Say to Your Younger Self?

Dr. Lindsay Kuhn
Founder and Filmmaker
"One day you will get a Ph.D. in a field your parents have never heard of. It will teach you how to think, how to persevere, and how to believe in yourself when others don't."
Alex Chiclana
Chief Technology Officer
"Don't brush off a career in technology just because math isn't your favorite subject. Engineering can be just as much about creative expression as it is about numbers and logic."
Dr. Ingrid Prioleau Byrd
Advisor and Researcher
Have faith in yourself especially when others don’t see the possibilities of your ideas and dreams.
Vanessa Sedore
Development Coordinator
"Everything will pay off, don’t stress so much."
Hayden Sisemore
Having a plan for yourself and what you want to accomplish is great, but learning to adapt when faced with change is just as important.
MacKenzie Abernethy
Development and Curriculum Designer
"Speak UP! It takes courage to influence change, and 'courage' comes from the French word 'coeur' or 'heart'."
Robert Florida
"Read more. Travel more. Befriend more people."
Mandana Vakil
Project Manager
"Be more open to diverse possibilities and to take more risks! Don’t worry about getting somewhere according to a certain plan—you don’t have to get from point A to point B in a linear fashion. And sometimes the bumpy or winding road might take more time, but also be more exciting!"
Lisa Liong
Your interests will change and that's great! Embrace new opportunities for growth and do what's best for you.
Yuniya Khan
"Follow your curiosity, even if it takes you off the beaten path."
Racheal Arewa
Operations Assistant
"Creativity is not a monolith. An innate characteristic of creativity is its versatility. Art is dynamic and expression is intangible. You are not appropriating a word that was meant for you to claim!"
Lucas DuClos
Educator, Learning Experience Designer
"Nurture your personal interests and talents in and outside school. Practice them, and make them your center of gravity by telling an ongoing story about them."
Carol Green
"Be open to mystery, listen to your instincts, and only do work that feels morally fulfilling."
Maeva Makendi
Content Creator
"You got this. You do. I know it is hard to believe now because everything and everyone seems to be relying on you. I know you feel the pressure to succeed. I know you are tired. All that you have been through and seen have shaped and made you who you are."
Jen Chiang
Financial Analyst
"Be patient as you start your career. Focus on skills that you will learn and the exposure that the job will get you instead of just pay and title."
Aaliyah James
"Enjoy things while they last. Never waste a dull moment"
Jeffrey Zou
"Look at all perspectives of a situation before drawing conclusions."
Sarah Parr
"Don’t be embarrassed to like what you like and pursue what you actually want to pursue (not what you think “sounds good”). You’re not alone, you know only a tiny fraction of the people on this planet, and you have only so much time — make the most of it."
Dave Kearney
Advisor and CTO/Founder of Boomerang.com
Stacy Holland
Advisor and Founder/CEO of Exceptional People
"Be conscious of the people and opportunities right in front of you, instead of moving too quickly to the next chapter. Really SEE them, appreciate them, and invest yourself in developing these relationships, as you have so many exceptional contacts waiting to be nurtured. "
Dan Pickett
Advisor and Co-Founder of Launch Academy
"Have more fun! Be open to new and unique experiences."
Kathleen Schindler
Advisor and Managing Director, Customer Success at Force Management
"1. Be open to all possibilities 2. Try everything once 3. Don't be afraid of failure And you may even surprise yourself!"
Jerry Johnson
Advisor and Consultant at CWE, Mass Challenge, and Empower Success Corps
"As I reflect on my younger days the things I regret most are missed opportunities to help others like classmates being bullied or ignored, fellow students struggling with coursework, or strangers in distress. So if I could give a young version of myself some advice I would say “Be aware of the plight of fellow travelers and commit at least one random act of kindness each day.” I now realize that paying it forward is the best mantra to live by."
Pete Rumsey
Advisor and Director, RI Innovation Campuses at Rhode Island Commerce
“I won’t bother…you would not listen”
Lauri Lee
Advisor and Educator, with over 20 years of experience in the field
"A career, like a life, is not a straight line. It's not all uphill or downhill. There will be detours, ups and downs, and even u-turns along the way. Learn to be okay with uncertainty, because change is the only constant! And change is how people, and communities and societies, develop and grow. Find joy in the little things you experience each day - family, friends, nature - because being happy is a choice."