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Our Story

If you can see it, you can be it.

Somewhere between internships and sanitized job descriptions, there is a need for in-depth career stories that transport the next generation of workers into the mysterious world of work.

Wingspans takes an immersive approach to career discovery just short of experiencing the job yourself. It's an archive of authentic and heartfelt career stories—nothing scripted or sugar-coated. 

It has 700+ in-depth career stories, including 40+ mini-documentaries, that are integrated into over 10,000 pages on our site. 

Our goal is for the next generation of workers to expand their idea of what is possible. Know what a job is really like. And dream big without any fear of failure.

Inventing Heron Group

On-set, interviewing Adam Blumenthal, interactive media producer with a speciality in virtual reality, about his career.

Our Team

Meet the dynamic people united by the mission to help people find future success.

What Would You Say to Your Younger Self?

Dr. Lindsay Kuhn
Founder & CEO
"One day your life's mission will be to empower learners from all backgrounds to have better life outcomes"
Alex Chiclana
CTO & Lead Engineer
"Don't brush off a career in technology just because math isn't your favorite subject. Engineering can be just as much about creative expression as it is about numbers and logic."
Yuniya Khan
"Follow your curiosity, even if it takes you off the beaten path."
Lela Casey
"Don’t feel like you have to study something grand to make an impact. There are many paths to changing the world. Follow the one you love."
Kathrina St. Flavin
Lead Curriculum Designer
Do not be afraid to bet on yourself. When you take action based on self-belief, you achieve more than you could ever imagine.
Gina Franco
Curriculum Designer
"It’s okay to not have everything figured out. Trust yourself!"
Vanessa Sedore
Development Coordinator Intern
"Everything will pay off, don’t stress so much."
Hayden Sisemore
Development Intern
"Having a plan for yourself and what you want to accomplish is great, but learning to adapt when faced with change is just as important."
Allen Wang
Software developer intern
"Learn to embrace failure."
Emily Vesper
Development Intern
"Don’t stop exploring, even once you find a subject you like. There are always new passions to discover and great connections to be made. Say yes to everything you can!"
Michael Garamoni
Advisor and Associate Dean, College of Lake County
"Changing the world starts with cultivating gratitude, humility, and respect in yourself. Show appreciation for the opportunities you are given, and practice growth in each decision. Science is not about getting everything right the first time, so never stop learning and improving."
Stacy Holland
Advisor and Founder/CEO of Exceptional People
"Be conscious of the people and opportunities right in front of you, instead of moving too quickly to the next chapter. Really SEE them, appreciate them, and invest yourself in developing these relationships, as you have so many exceptional contacts waiting to be nurtured. "
Dave Kearney
Advisor and CTO/Founder of Boomerang.com
Dan Pickett
Advisor and Co-Founder of Launch Academy
"Have more fun! Be open to new and unique experiences."
Kathleen Schindler
Advisor and Managing Director, Customer Success at Force Management
"1. Be open to all possibilities 2. Try everything once 3. Don't be afraid of failure And you may even surprise yourself!"