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Data Scientist

Salary Range*
  • Entry-level: $94,280
  • Median: $125,140
  • Experienced: $158,060

* Varies by state. Cost of living should be taken in to account per state as well. More details available at the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • Increasing Demand
  • This career employs more people, year after year. It is one of the fastest-growing careers.
The Basics

Data science involves using methods and tools to make meaning of data that is regularly gathered by computers. This unorganized data only acquires value when it is analyzed and turned into knowledge. For example, a data scientist can create algorithms that track an individual’s online habits and behaviors in order to make appropriate suggestions based on their preferences that can then be used in advertising.

The Workplace

Data scientists work in university labs, traditional office settings, or home offices.

The Prerequisites

Data scientists typically have at least a bachelor's in computer science and excellent math and statistics skills. Very often, they also need good business sense to ask the questions that will allow them to organize and filter data in a way that is useful for their client or company.

What People Are Saying

I think in today’s market, the most valuable thing that you can be is a mathematician or a data scientist. ... Having a math degree is like having a degree in problem solving. Every company needs that.

Derek Lietz, Vice President and Data Scientist at Intellectual Property Solutions Group